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Welcome to the Fleet 5 Navigation page

This page contains the Fleet 5 mileage chart, this year's cruise planning information, NOAA charts, various publications and miscellaneous tools used in the aid of navigation.

This page is sponsored by our Fleet Navigator, Jim Meador of Odyssey

Mileage Chart

Summer Cruise 2012
Planning Information

Sun or Moon Rise/Set Table for One Year

U.S. Naval Observatory
This site provides a way for you to obtain a table of the times of sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset, or the beginning and end of twilight, for one year.

NOAA Charts
NOAA RNC Chart Link The NOAA RNCs® are geo-referenced, full-color images of NOAA's paper nautical charts, published by NOAA in the .BSB format. NOAA updates the RNCs for Notices to Mariners on a weekly basis. They are an official product of NOAA, and meet the S-61 Standard, Raster Navigational Charts®, of the International Hydrographic Organization. (These charts work with the Maptech Offshore Navigator Lite product.)
NOAA ENC Chart Link The NOAA ENCs® are a geo-referenced database(s) of NOAA nautical chart features and their attributes, published by NOAA in the format of the International Hydrographic Organization S-57 Standard, "IHO Transfer Standard for Digital Hydrographic Data." NOAA updates the ENCs for Notice to Mariners on a weekly basis (timing of their availability is not guaranteed). NOAA ENCs are an official product of NOAA.
Coast Pilot The United States Coast Pilot® consists of a series of nautical books that cover a variety of information important to navigators of coastal and intracoastal waters and the Great Lakes. Issued in nine volumes, they contain supplemental information that is difficult to portray on a nautical chart.
American Practical Navigator
The publication describes in detail the principles and factors of navigation, including piloting, electronic navigation, celestial navigation, mathematics, safety, oceanography and meteorology.
Notice to Mariners The US Notice to Mariners provides timely marine safety information for the correction of all US Government navigation charts and publications from a wide variety of sources both foreign and domestic.
Local Notice to Mariners The LNM is the primary means for disseminating information concerning aids to navigation, hazards to navigation, and other items of marine information of interest to mariners on the waters of the United States, it's territories, and possessions. These notices are essential to all navigators for the purpose of keeping their charts. Light Lists, Coast Pilots and other nautical publications up-to-date. These notices are published weekly.

US Navigation Rules
(also known as the Rules of the Road)

These rules govern the operation of vessels on inland waters and the high seas. The Navigation Rules are much like the rules of the road on the highway. They establish a consistent way to navigate safely and avoid collisions when two boats are crossing paths, are on course to meet head-on, or when one boat wishes to overtake another. The rules establish vessel privilege and means of identifying vessels to determine privilege.
Light Lists The Light List is published in seven volumes and contains lights and other aids to navigation used for general navigation that are maintained by or under the authority of the U.S. Coast Guard and located in the waters surrounding the United States and its Territories. Each volume corresponds to a different regional area and contains more complete information on each aid to navigation than can be conveniently shown on charts. Volume 1 contains the information for the navigation aids in our sailing waters.