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Fleet 5 Long Island Sound
Sailors with a Passion for Cruising

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  Contact information: membership@fleet5lis.org

Please complete this form for Fleet 5 membership. When you click "submit" (located at the bottom of the page) you will be taken to the payment page. New Membership is only $10 for the first year of membership. Regular dues will be paid in all years thereafter ($40). New members will have all of the rights and privileges of membership except that they will receive their burgee when they begin paying regular dues (unless they wish to purchase one in year #1).

Membership brings with it a wealth of camaraderie along with various organized events (see our Calendar), rendezvous, an exciting summer cruise, mooring capability and we can help with technical support. You will also meet new sailing friends and have the ability to travel to new destinations. Joining this fleet will very quickly expand your circle of nautical friendship. If you have questions or need more information about Fleet 5 before you join, please contact membership.

In order to promote participation and camaraderie between new members and existing members, we are asking that our new members participate in one of the following ways over a two year period: serving on a committee, providing help on special projects, becoming a port host on a rendezvous or summer cruise or hosting one of our three Fleet membership meetings. Any of these options is a great way to integrate into our group; and at the same time help us to be a more exciting fleet. To facilitate your participation it is our hope you will attend our Fleet membership meetings to the best of your ability.

Member Names: Childrens Names:
Email 1: Cell Phone #1:
Email 2: Cell Phone #2:
Boat Name: Boat Manufacturer:
Hull Number: Boat Model:
Marina: Boat Size:
Port City: MMSI # :
Primary Address Secondary Address
Home Phone #:
Home Phone #:

Please tell us a little about yourself, what are your sailing interests. Do you know any Fleet 5 members, do you have a sponsor from the Fleet or someone you would consider a reference? Do you have any questions about Fleet 5 LIS?

Please help us with the following information to help meet your needs for Fleet 5 LIS.
1. Would you be willing to help lead our fleet as an Officer in the future? Yes Maybe No
1. Would you be willing to serve on a committee:
Summer Cruise Yes Maybe No
Fleet Committee Yes Maybe No
Social Committee Yes Maybe No
Mooring Committee Yes Maybe No
Membership Committee Yes Maybe No
Communications Committee Yes Maybe No
2. Can you recommend your favorite anchorages/moorings/marinas for future rendezvous'?
3. Can you host a meeting or event, what would be your preference?
4. Do you hope to attend the:
Winter Business Meeting Yes Maybe No
Spring Business Meeting Yes Maybe No
Fall Business Meeting Yes Maybe No
Membership Fee:
$10.00 New Membership Program
$40.00 Renewal - Vessel Owner
$30.00 Renewal - Social Member (I do not own a boat at this time)
You will also have the ability to donate additional funds if you are inclined to do so

I will pay for Membership using:

PayPal Mail a Check

After you hit submit you will be taken to complete this registration using PayPal, or credit card, or check.