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Fleet 5 Long Island Sound
Sailors with a Passion for Cruising
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A message from your Captain

I must say I am humbled to take the helm as Captain of Fleet 5, Long Island Sound. I have been a member here since February of 2007 and for me this experience has changed my life. It has opened my sailing adventures to new friends, great experiences and the wisdom of many great sailors. My serious sailing days started in 1997 on a Catalina 25, next I moved to a Catalina 34 and finally a Catalina 36. The boat and the community of friends that followed it have made me very loyal to this brand.

As Captain I would like to focus on more proactive planning from your team of officers, strengthening our events on and off the water, using our new Facebook page (thanks to Joe Abbagnaro) to coordinate our activity on the water and possibly encourage more get-together opportunities and of course keeping a high focus on our yearly cruise.

It is my hope that as other sailors look toward our activities and camaraderie they will be encouraged to join our membership. This would promote the natural growth of our organization.

This is a great organization and with the help from a truly energetic and passionate group of officers it is my hope that we meet the many expectations of our members. I encourage you to come and participate at our meetings and social events; your encouragement and ideas will help us make the right decisions for you as we move forward.

Warmest Regards,

Thomas J. Lanzilli

Fleet 5 Long Island Sound
Sailors with a Passion for Cruising