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Fleet 5 is an energetic group of Cruisers. Each member of our fleet thrives on the camaraderie of the sailing and cruising lifestyle. We are dedicated sailors, cruisers and occasional racers. Members of Fleet 5 are ready to lend advice on any boat topic. We share the knowledge of our cruising destinations, the fascinating harbors we have explored, and the great restaurants we have enjoyed. We have a passion for this lifestyle, take great joy in the journey of our trips and take the time to ensure our travels are safety minded and well prepared. Of course there is always time to chat about the improvements we have made to our vessels and at times our unfortunate repairs.

Fleet 5 has an affiliation with Catalina Yachts and represents Catalina 36 on Long Island Sound. Our fleet has a strong mix of various Catalinas along with some Tartan, Jeanneau, Beneteau, Elan, Pearson, Malo, Mason, North Pacific, Mainship and Nordic Tug mixed in our fleet. Sailors and Cruisers are welcome! We believe that associations such as our Fleet and the various international associations enhance the sailing experience and the free exchange of ideas. Organizations such as Fleet 5, aside from their social and practical value, help us communicate with the larger sailing and cruising community. This opens us to sailors all over the world and with this comes the sharing of knowledge, the communication of experiences, voyages and stories.

We welcome all sailors and cruisers in the Long Island area as members. All we ask is a love of cruising and a desire to share adventures with like-minded people (A good hors d'oeuvres cook book is a plus, as we are equally well known for our ability to "socialize").

For details on the benefits of membership beyond being part of a great group check out our brochure.

Fleet 5 group photograph taken during
the 2013 Summer Cruise to Providence, RI

On the water this summer? Let the Fleet know when and where. Check-in and monitor VHF channel 71.

Fleet 5 website

The bulletin board will serve as a quick check as to any new postings on this website. We will also use it to draw your attention to anything new and exciting. We have something special on each page of this website, look around and get a feel for the layout. If you have a project or article you would like to share feel free to send it to the Webmaster who will work to get it posted.

The Calendar section of this web site is designed to make it easier to see the full year's events. Click on an event to zoom in and get the detail.

(Sail Connecticut Access Program)

Fleet 5 supports this program and hosts a member sailing day each year. This is an AMAZING experience for the able bodied sailor to share a day with the challenged sailor. Please click here to read more on this subject.

Looking or Selling?

As a service to Fleet 5 members we have a For Sale page for members wishing to sell items others may have an interest in. This feature is available now! Just click on For Sale at the top of this page located under the banner picture.

Items of Interest!

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Coordinating an event, the webmaster can help you communicate with our Fleet 5 members. Get him involved early!

Have a question or suggestion, send a quick note to the Webmaster.

Join the Fleet!

Interested in joining Fleet 5 Long Island Sound? Click here to go to our membership section and apply.


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New Membership Program is in place. First year members can sign up for only $10. Joining this fleet will very quickly expand your circle of nautical friendship. Just go to the member section of this website and join.

Calendar has been updated, take a look this is getting exciting.

Interested in Cruising with us? We would love for you to be a part of our fleet. Take a look at our brochure. Really interested now, Click here to go to our membership section and apply. Please contact Tom Lanzilli, our Past Captain, if you have any questions.

Follow the Blog of two of our member famlies:

Richard Toth of the Mai Toi keep a Blog of his adventures around Long Island, the Chesapeake, Bermuda, to the Bahamas and beyond.


by Edd Schillay

Starship Enterprise's Captain's Log


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